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Imported Plantation Shutters

If you are looking to buy Plantation Shutters online that are low cost, appealing to the eye, and of excellent quality, our Imported Plantation Shutters are the perfect alternative to our express Australian Made Plantation Shutters. They are ideal for the Australian climate and are made from solid PVC with an aluminium core for added stability. The clean, straight lines of Plantation Shutters will have your windows looking sleek while maintaining privacy, airflow and helping to reduce energy costs on heating and cooling.



The perfect window dressing

Plantation Shutters in Australia have been a popular choice for our window coverings for decades. This is due to their design being ideal for our climate and needs as they are allergy-free, easy to clean and offer excellent airflow. Additionally, they provide complete privacy and light control, making Plantation Shutters the most versatile method of window dressing available while remaining aesthetically pleasing in the home. There is no need to worry about dusty curtains causing allergy flare-ups or mould build up on your privacy screens in wet room areas. Being constructed out of PVC means a simple wipe with a damp cloth will keep your shutters in prime condition and your internal air quality at its best.

Let the breeze in and keep prying eyes out

One of the main benefits of Plantation Shutters is the ability to allow airflow without opening views of your private life to anyone who happens to be passing by. Enjoy the privacy of your own home without heavy curtains blocking airflow or daylight. You can also angle the slats to allow that nighttime breeze to filter through while maintaining privacy within a fully lit room. They truly are the perfect solution to save money on window furnishings while being energy efficient. And with the optimum privacy they offer, there is no question about Plantation Shutters being the supreme choice in window dressing.


Complete your home décor

If you prefer the aesthetic of curtains, these can easily be fitted over Plantation Shutters as an additional layer of décor. The shutters sit streamlined to the wall, so a set of curtains can easily be drawn across if you choose. In some circumstances, curtains may block the efficiency of airflow, so be sure to make your choice wisely. While some people may prefer the feel of drawing curtains, you could add decorative side drapes and pelmets as an alternative to achieve a classic window look. 

When Plantation Shutters are fully closed, they also offer insulation benefits that help to keep your heating or cooling costs down, so curtains are also not necessary. Ultimately, the choice is yours as to how you wish to present and style your home. We recommend not covering your Plantation Shutters so that you can reap the full energy-saving benefits and optimum airflow in your home. As a stylish window dressing, there is no need to cover your shutters at all. Our shutters are available in an 89mm elliptical blade with a hinged format in a choice of 3 neutral white/off white colours.


Imported versus Australian made

If you are searching for low-cost, excellent quality Plantation Shutters at approximately $125/sqm less than our Australian-made counterparts. In that case, you cannot go past our imported shutters when you buy Plantation Shutters online. We realise costs and quality alone are not defining factors. However, these are the perfect money-saving alternative for those who don’t mind waiting for the 6-8 weeks lead time. While a little more expensive, our Australian Custom Made Plantation Shutters can be ready for delivery with a 10 day lead time. Both versions of shutters are of the highest quality, with smooth and clean finishes. So whether you choose to purchase our Imported Plantation Shutters or select our Australian-made Plantation Shutters will depend on your budget and any time constraints you may have.


Easy installation 

If you have basic DIY skills, installing your own set of Plantation Shutters is a simple process. Our team is available to help and guide you with measuring and installation instructions to ensure the blinds you order fit perfectly. Simply book a face-to-face zoom consultation with one of our experts, and they will answer any queries you may have.


Please note

Framing options include L- frame for Face Mount or Recess Mount (in a perfectly square Recess). Blinds on the net recommends Z-frame for Recess Mount and U channels for fixed panels.

Minimum top & bottom rails for panels up to 700mm wide is 76mm

Minimum top & bottom rails for panels greater than 900mm is 90mm

U Channel Maximum Panel Width 900mm

Tilt Rod Optons Hidden Only

Louvre Thickness 11mm

Stille Profile Beaded. Stile Width 50mm.  Stile Thickness 27mm. Rail Thickness 19mm


Framing Options

Small L Frame (Beaded) Medium L Frame (beaded) Z Frame

T-Post 90deg Corner Post 45deg Corner Post

Light Block U Channel



Recess Mount; Factory will deduct 3mm width and 4mm height.

Face Mount; No deductons will be taken.


Tilt Rod Type Only hidden tilt rod option available. Will be fitted to the rear of the panel on the hinge side unless specified otherwise.

Shutter panels can have split tilt mechanisms split into 2 or 3 sections without need for a midrail. Measurements from the bottom of the panels are required.

Tilt rods will automatically be split at approximately 1000mm. Louvres Only 89mm elliptical shape available. These are available in the solid PVC with an Aluminium Core.

To assist with measuring the following information shows the minimum reveal clearance required by louver. 89mm – 66mm clearance

Hinging Details The factory default matches are as follows: White, Alpine White & Ivory Off White: Vanilla Silver & Stainless Steel hinges are available on request

Order details

All products supplied are of a customised nature. For this reason we cannot accept returns, issue refunds, or recognise change of mind for any reason outside those specific circumstances disclosed in our warranty policy, once production has started.

We reserve the right to waive or alter their policies and to decide the terms of adherence required on a case by case basis.

Inspections & Repairs

Please carefully inspect all cartons & packages upon arrival and report any damages immediately. Photographic evidence must be supplied at the time of re-order for any items received damaged or defective goods (these must clearly show any issues). If defects are evident on multiple panels then a minimum of one photo per panel must be supplied. All re-orders must be supplied in writing. We will not be responsible for any goods returned & damaged due to poor packaging.


We offer a 10 year warranty from the date of purchase.

The warranty does not include the following:

 Shutters ordered outside our recommended specifications

 Defects caused by misuse or abuse

 Any alterations made to the product not carried out by TWC

 Nominal wear & tear  Incorrect installation  Out of square windows

 Any maintenance and care not in accordance with recommended instructions

 Any damaged items received & not reported with 21 days of delivery. We reserve the right to repair any panels or parts where possible, this decision is made on a case by case basis & a new panel will not automatically be supplied if repairable. We will not be responsible for any further or subsequent loss or damage e.g. installation. It is not acceptable for any defect to be visible with the naked eye at a distance up to 1.5 metres in natural light It is acceptable if any defect is not visible with the naked eye at a distance above 1.5 metres in natural light


What are plantation shutters? 

Often used in warmer climates or to give a home an interesting aesthetic, plantation shutters are popular window coverings in Australia. They are made from wide slats of wood or PVC that can be adjusted to control the amount of light and air entering the room at any given point. Plantation shutters can add beauty, appeal and value to your space while providing multiple benefits over other types of window treatments. 

What is the difference between Venetian blinds and plantation shutters?

Venetian blinds are horizontal slats made from wood or metal, suspended on ladder cords. Their design makes it optimal to adjust the amount of light that enters the room, and they are easy to raise and lower. While they offer some protection, shutters are far more durable and built to last for the long term, making them a valuable asset to your home. While blinds can last around four to five years, plantation shutters can last 25 years or more with the proper care.

Plantation shutters also have significantly wider slats to adjust to filter the amount of light and air entering the room. Plantation shutters are also available in far more materials, including wood, vinyl, or composite, and come in various styles and colours to match all kinds of décor. When choosing between Venetian blinds and plantation shutters, you must consider the climate you live in, the style of your home, and your budget.

What are the advantages of plantation shutters?

During the warmer months, plantation shutters can help keep your home cooler by blocking direct sunlight while letting fresh air in on a nice day if you open the window. Plantation shutters can also help in reducing exterior noise. What’s more, this sturdy design can offer more privacy compared to many curtains and blinds as they are entirely blockout. Plantation shutters are most popular in white or cream as they complement most interiors. Blinds On The Net offers easy-to-follow step-by-step installation guides and videos to ensure installation is easy. 

Do plantation shutters have a classic look? 

Yes! With a timeless appeal, plantation shutters add a sleek and modern aesthetic to any interior setting. They are a classic window covering option for spaces with a modern yet heritage-inspired look. Plantation shutters blend seamlessly with all interior decor styles, making a statement regardless of where they’re installed.

How much do plantation shutters cost? 

The cost of plantation shutters varies depending on the material, colour and size you select. At Blinds On The Net, our imported PVC plantation shutters start from $52, and our Australian custom-made PVC shutters start from $69. We also offer a range of timber plantation shutters starting at $375. If you’re thinking about investing in the stylish and practical appeal of plantation shutters, get in touch with our blind experts to get an accurate quote. 

Why should I buy plantation shutters from Blinds On The Net? 

As one of the biggest suppliers of plantation shutters in Australia, Blinds On The Net is dedicated to offering affordable and high-quality window coverings for various residential and commercial spaces. As part of our customer satisfaction journey, we provide Australia-wide shipping along with before and after purchase assistance so that we can help you with installation and measuring. 

Regardless of what you’re after, you can also book a free Zoom consultation with one of our experts for further guidance and advice. Simply contact our team directly, and we will be available to help you.

Contact us today to get started! Our team will take away any concerns you may have and are available to answer any questions about our products. For the best quality Plantation Shutters in Australia, Blinds on the Net provide the perfect range of choices for you.

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