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Motorised Roller Blind Motor Options



Blinds on the Net™ offer a range of different motor options to motorise your new Blinds. 

Price shown for Radio Controlled ARC or RTS motors includes 1 remote (+ charger for Battery Motors). 

Multiple motor orders include a larger Qty and choice of Remotes. We'll contact you to discuss your requirements!  

The range below are options on any of our Australian Custom Made Roller blinds.  Both Automate and Somfy motors have a 5 year warranty;


Wired 240V Automate E6 ARC inc remote (+$315) Min blind width 700mm  

Wired 240V Automate M6 NON ARC Home Automation Motor. No remote (+$169) Min blind width 600mm   


Wired 240V SOMFY Altus RTS inc remote (+$455) Min blind width 600mm  

Wired 240V SOMFY Sonesse RTS inc remote (+$595) Min blind width 600mm. Quiet Motor.   

Wired 240V SOMFY LS40 NON RTS Home Automation Motor. No remote (+$298) Min blind width 600mm 


Wirefree Automate rechargeable LI-ION Zero ARC 1NM 5kg inc remote and charger (+$435) Min blind width 650mm   

Wirefree Automate rechargeable LI-ION Zero ARC 2NM 7kg inc remote and charger (+$485) Min blind width 750mm. 

2NM Will power 2 x Linked Blinds


*Wirefree SOMFY rechargeable LI-ION Sonesse 30 RTS 2NM 8kg inc remote and charger (+$519) Min blind width 720mm.

Quiet Motor.  Suitable for Dual blinds and 2NM will power 2x Linked Blinds

* Further information below


Automate Motorisation Programming Flow Charts and Videos

Automate Motor Programming Flow Charts [Posted 14/12/17]

Automate Motor Programming Videos [Posted 08/08/2017

For general info on the New Automate Li-ion wirefree motors (click here)

For detailed programming instructions on the New Li-ion wirefree motors (click here) 


    To see the new hidden antenna on the zero motors see (click here) 

  To watch the trouble shooting video (click Here)


 For complete up to date information on Automate motors see the Automate website (click here)



Somfy Motorisation Programming Flow Charts and Videos

Somfy Motor Programming Flow Charts [Posted 30/11/2018]

Somfy Motor Programming Videos [Posted 30/11/2018]

Somfy Pocket Book Installer Guide [Posted 10/12/2018]


 Both Automate and Somfy have Home Automation Hubs available.

 Operate your motorised blinds from a smart phone or tablet.

 Automate Pulse 2. Wi-Fi Home Automation Hub (+$365)  For Automate E6 ARC and Wirefree motors. Buy Automate Pulse.




Somfy Connexoon. Wi-Fi Home Automation Hub (+395) For Somfy RTS or Wirefree motors. Buy Somfy Connexoon. 



NEW Automate Paradigmplus Remote is here. (click her for full details) 



 *New SOMFY Compact motor with seperate rechargeable battery.


*New SOMFY Rechargeable Quiet Battery Motor

For detailed information and full instructions on the Sonesse 30 Wire Free (Click here).




 For a summary of the motor differences please read below.

It may be easy to decide the best option for you by first deciding if you want a Wired Motor or a Wirefree Motor.

The most basic differences are as follows;

Wired Motors. These will require connection to 240 volt power by a licensed electrician. They are more powerful motor suitable for larger Blinds and when you want to link 2 or more blinds together.

The RTS/ARC motors have a built in radio receiver that receives instructions from a battery operated remote control that is included in the price. You will be required to program the blind to the remote control once installed and connected to power. The top and bottom limits are also set via the remote control. It’s an important tip to only have power to the blind you are programming.

The NON RTS/ARC motors don’t have built in radio receivers and don’t come with remote controls. They are designed to be hardwired and operated via a 3 position wall switch or connected to a Home Automation System like C-Bus etc. Blinds on the Net™ can provide further information on these motors but are not specialists in Home Automation Systems. We believe that these motors can be successfully connected to all HAS systems but you should always check specific details with the supplier or installer of your specific HAS.

Wirefree Motors. These are Battery controlled and require NO electrical work. The smaller battery motors will operate Blinds up to about 2mts x 3 mts. The NEW Automate LI-ION 3NM motor will operate the largest single blind and even linked blinds up to approx 12 sq mts.

They also have a built in Radio receiver that operates from a Remote Control that is supplied. You will still be required to program the motor to set the up and down limits via the remote control.

The Automate Li-ion battery motor and the new Somfy Li-on battery motor all come with a built in battery, a re-charging unit and a remote control.


There is further information below or please email your questions to info@blindsonthenet.com.au You can call us on 1300 852 912


Order your motorised roller blinds here



Automatic security and control at the click of a button

With a combination of automatic flexibility and convenience, motorised roller blinds have now become much more affordable with the introduction of the Automate Motor to the Australian motorised roller blinds market. Blinds on the Net™ is committed to providing motorised roller blinds to Australian homes everywhere, enhancing the lifestyle and aesthetics of any room. Choose from our extensive range of motor blinds below to order a FREE sample of any of our products that can be delivered to your home:                                                                                                                                                 

 Automate motorisation

The benefits will far outweigh the cost of motorised blinds

Enhance the security and comfort in your home with motorised roller blinds from Blinds on the Net™. Motorised blinds ensure the safety of any children in the home as taking away the chain removes the risk of strangulation. Delivering to Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane and all over Australia, you will be hard pressed finding a better price when it comes to motorised blinds.

Our motorised blinds come with the motor already installed inside the roller blind tube and come with full instructions on how to set the remote control limits for stopping your blind at the top and bottom of your window.

All of our quality Wired motorised blinds come with:

  • 5 year warranty on motors
  • Automate Motors supplied on our Heavy Duty or Super Heavy Duty Tubes
  • Built-in radio receiver so the motor can be easily operated by the remote controller
  • Remote control with frequency range up to 200 mts
  • Simple Electronic limit setting (easy to follow instructions will come with each order.)
  • 6nm torque and 28 rpm
  • Ability to link 3 blinds with a special linking brackets
  • Single channel remote or multi-channel remotes available upon request

For your safety, you must hire a professional and licenced electrician to connect your motorised roller blind to the mains. Once this is done, we provide simple-to-follow instructions for you to help set up your motorised blinds. For the best prices on motorised blinds for your home, you can't beat Blinds on the Net™ when it comes to quality and savings! Contact our friendly team of knowledgeable staff for more information today or to order your FREE sample of our motor blind fabric.

Blinds on the Net™ provides a measuring guide with installation videos and instructions for your convenience.





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