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Ready-made curtains. Fast, convenient and cost-effective.

At Blinds on the Net, we offer a great range of contemporary and classic curtains in various textures and colours to suit every room in your house. We’re confident that you will find the perfect curtains to decorate your home in our online store, no matter what you’re searching for. 

Ready-made curtains are a fantastic option for many, as they offer convenience and style without the extended waiting period that is part of ordering custom-made curtains. Simply find the curtains you like, ensure they’re the correct size and then make your purchase. You’ll have your brand-new, ready-made curtains hanging up in no time — thanks to Blinds on the Net.  

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Different styles of blinds to suit every window

Curtains are a simple but incredibly effective way to spruce up any room. They also have a practical use when it comes to blocking out sunlight or glaring streetlights, as well as shielding the inside of your home from nosy neighbours. 

At Blinds on the Net, we have a wide range of different ready-made curtains available. Your existing home decor and the size and shape of your windows will determine the kind of curtains you should consider investing in. 

Our ready-made pencil pleat curtains consist of a pair that can add sophistication and charm to any room. Pencil pleat is also an excellent choice for ready-made curtains, as the heading style is adjustable — meaning it can be tailored to fit most window sizes. If you’re after a different style, we also offer ready-made eyelet curtains. These eyelet curtains come as a single curtain or as a pair and will appear flat when closed and gathered when opened to let in light. When the eyelet curtains are shown in pairs, please note that the size shown is the width of the rod they will cover. 

Things to consider before buying ready-made curtains

It’s amazing how new curtains can breathe fresh life into a room. But before you buy ready-made curtains online, there are a few things you need to consider first. Before you buy ready-made curtains, make sure you ask yourself the following questions: 

  1. What is the purpose of my ready-made curtains?
    Do you want to purchase curtains to block out sunlight, for added privacy, or simply to add as a decorative feature? Different ready-made curtains have different purposes, so it’s essential to consider this first. For example, our Ellwood Lined Pencil Pleat Curtains are perfect for privacy while still letting in a little sunlight when closed. However, you can’t beat the Urban Eyelet Block Out Curtains if you want to block out light during the day completely.

  2. What kind of window am I placing these curtains over?
    The type of window in question will influence which kind of ready-made curtains you need. For example, the picture windows in your living room may be perfectly suited for our light, breezy and beautiful Asina Pencil Pleat Curtains. Featuring an attractive hem, these sheer curtains offer you privacy while also letting in plenty of natural light during the day.


  3. Do I want these curtains to help me save electricity?
    That’s right, the kind of curtains you invest in can help you save energy. Parts of Australia can get incredibly hot in summer and surprisingly chilly in winter. Heavier curtains, such as the Umbra Eyelet Curtain Triple Weave, are great for keeping in heat during winter and softening the hot sunlight in summer — this can help you save on your energy bills. 

Shop for ready-made curtains online in Australia

Ready to upgrade your old curtains or blinds with something fresh and new? Shop for blinds and curtains online today with Blinds on the Net and take advantage of our affordable shipping rates across Australia. Buying ready-made curtains online has never been easier.

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