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PLEASE NOTE;  All of our Custom Made blinds are supplied with the relevant brackets but you will need to provide your own screws for installation.
We don't provide installation screws as we don’t know what surface you will be fitting into. Different screws and plugs will be required for different surfaces.
There is a guide below to different wall construction installation and your local hardware can be of more assistance. You will need 2 screws per bracket. 




Installation fixing guide into different types of wall constructions. 

Internal and External.                                                                                                                     


Timber Recesses or Architraves 

It is sometimes a good idea to mark where you want your brackets to go and pre drill a small hole where you have marked. You MUST ensure that the hole you drill is smaller than the diameter of the timber screw you are going to use so the screw can still screw in tight. The reason to pre drill your hole is to stop the timber splitting. We recommend you use timber screws similar to these: 

Timber screws. 

Gyprock Installations 

For those of you who are installing into Gyprock, we strongly recommend using "Wall Mates" (these can be found at your local hardware) or similar, these are larger outer screws that drill into the Gyprock and give a stronger base for drilling in screws after. Firstly place your brackets where you want to install them and then mark the holes in the brackets. Screw in your "Wall Mates" into the gyprock. Once this is one, you can line your brackets up with the "Wall Mates" and then use a normal timber screw (pictured above) to secure the brackets to the wall mates in the gyprock. Wall Mates and Screw pictured below: 

Wall mate and screw.

Aluminium Window Frames

For installing into Aluminium frames we once again suggest marking the holes first, however pre-drilling is not necessary this time so long as you buy "self drilling" screws. These can be picked up from you local hardware and will drill into the aluminium frame as it screws into place. So line up the brackets to the marked holes and simply drill the brackets into place. Self Drilling Screws look like this: 

Self drilling screws. 

Brick or Masonry installations 

Brick and masonary installations are quite simple but do require a little bit more work. You will need to get red masonary wall plugs and screws to suit. Firstly you will need to place your brackets in position and mark where the holes are in the brackets. Then, Pre-drill your walls to accept the red masonary wall plugs. You will require a 5.5mm-6mm masonry drill bit ( a normal 5.5-6mm drill bit won't work, it need to be a specific masonry drill bit), we suggest asking at your local hardware but 6mm should be fine however you do want a nice tight fit for the red wall plugs. Once you have predrilled your holes, tap the red masonary wall plugs into place with a hammer.Once you have the red masonary wall plugs in place, you are ready to install the brackets, simply screw into the centre of the wall plugs for a secure fixing.  Red wall plugs and screws look like this: 

Red wall plug and screw.



External Blind Fixing Screws and Bolts Guide 

Below is a guide to the types of screws and fixings suitable for the secure fit of heavier Outdoor Blinds and Awnings.  Each situation is different and you will need to make your selection based on the type of Blind, the overall size, the surface you are installing to and it’s exposure to weather. Its always best to oversecure. it’s  better to be safe than sorry! 

Auto awning:  up to 5000 wide,  main head box brackets 60mm x 10g,   4 off with washer for timber install -  75mm x 8mm Dyna bolt for brick or concrete.  Use 50mm x 10g, 8 off  for securing the metal side runners and U brackets , include green raw plugs if installing into brick or concrete.

Ext Wire Guide Roller: up to 5000 wide,  main head box brackets 60mm x 10g,  6 off with washer for timber install -  75mm x 8mm Dyna bolt for brick or concrete.  For bottom of wire guide 40mm x 10g,  2 off  -  Use a green raw  plug for brick or concrete.   Alternatively use a 40mm x 6mm Dyna bolt.



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