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Roller Blinds

Custom Roller Blinds Online. Huge Fabric range all with best quality mechanisms.

Included are our 5 most popular fabrics reduced by 10%, ordering 10 or more gets you 20% off our normal low price. Blockout, Translucent and Sunscreen roller blinds custom made quickly and delivered free to most of the country from under $80 each. Australian made with flexible custom options. Whether you prefer the RB09 chain control system or one of our many motorisation options, some suitable for connection to home automation systems, the friendly consultants at Blinds on the Net can help you find the best solution for your needs. To find some more information on the available motor options (click here)

These Roller blinds are currently manufactured in only 5 working days.

Custom Import Roller Blinds

Custom Import Roller Blinds.

High Quality, Cheap Prices. Just with some forward planning.

Choose from Screen, Translucent and Blockout fabrics.

*We are currently quoting up to 6 weeks delivery on these products.

If you are looking for high quality Custom Made Roller Blinds at amazingly low prices you are on the right page!

Please select from the products below if your deadline allows up to 6 weeks for delivery. Have a look at the prices now they are the cheapest on the market!


Roller Blinds 3-5 day Express

3-5 Day Express Dispatch Blinds Roller (Holland) 

For those in a hurry, manufactured as roller blinds in 3-5 working days. (+delivery). Choose from a range of Blockout, Translucent or Sunscreen fabrics: Blockout completely eliminates light access and provides total privacy. Translucent gives privacy but still allows filtered light. Screen fabrics maintain your view and allow for partial filtration of light. They eliminate glare and allow for insulation. Choose light colours for heat reflection and darker colours for the best view out. These will provide daytime privacy but not total privacy of an evening if your lights are on.

Express Block is now available up to 3000mm wide and from only $69

Express Screen is now on Sale, reduced by 25% so now from only $84

Use the Dual Roller product below to combine any 2 Express blinds as Day and Night roller blinds.

All of our Express Roller Blinds have the option of Remote Controlled Wireferee Motorisation. 

Wood Effect Venetian Express

Manufactured in 3-5 working days.

50mm and New 63mm blades. White and Pearl colours.

Blinds on the net are happy to offer you a FAST PVC Venetian in 2 blade widths and 2 colour options. Choose from popular 50mm or wider 63mm slats in neutral White or Pearl colours. These Venetians give the appearance of painted timber blades at a fraction of the cost without all the issues involved with cleaning and warping etc that can be an issue with real timber. They are especially good for wet areas.  

Features include; High profile head box. Trapezoid bottom rail. 85mm mitred valance. 3mm thick slats. Left hand Tilting cords. Right hand pull up cords. 

Australian Made PVC Supply Only

Australian Made PVC Custom made Shutters

Blinds on the Net can now supply quality Australian Made 89mm PVC Shutters with a 10 year Warranty.

Our PVC shutters come in solid PVC with an aluminium core for stability and carry a 10 year warranty. They are low maintenance and allergy free and allow excellent control of light and airflow. PVC Shutters also offer privacy and are a great insulator assisting with the reduction of energy costs.

Blinds on The Net's PVC Shutters are excellent for high moisture areas such as bathrooms and kitchens and are easily cleaned and maintained.

With the same accurate measurements you would take for blinds you can now order quality interior PVC shutters (supply only) and save! Measurements are entered the same way as Recess or Face mount. You will also require the same basic DIY skills you use to install blinds. Click the picture below to see how easy the process is. You can just get a price, order a free sample or place your order.

If you need instructions on how to measure for blinds and shutters, (click here)

We have kept this simple and only offer an 89mm elliptical blade with a hinged format in a choice of 3 neutral white/off white colours. Up to 4 hinged panels, each with a maximum width of 900mm will cover windows up to 3600mm wide. Framing options include L- frame for Face Mount or Recess Mount in a perfectly square Recess. Blinds on the Net recommends Z-frame for Recess Mount. U channels are available for fixed panels. 

Please scroll down below for a summary of specifications or (click here) for the product manual.

Custom Import Double Brackets

Custom Import Roller Blinds Double Brackets

Custom Import Double (or Dual) Brackets are the easy way to turn 2 Custom Import Roller Blinds into Dual (or Day & Night) Blinds.

Simply order 1 pair of Double brackets for every 2 Custom Import Roller Blinds. They are sold as Pairs. No screws are included as you will require different screws for different installation surfaces. They came as Right hand Pairs, Left hand Pairs or a combination of Right/Left.

These Double Brackets will only work with Custom Import Roller Blinds

These brackets will also work on the Express Block and Express Screen blinds

Available in White, Ivory or Black only $20 a pair.

    Roller Blinds Run Out Specials

    Quality designer fabrics reduced to clear!

    This category contains discontinued fabrics, ends of rolls and special buys that enables Blinds on the Net to clear them out as Custom Made Roller Blinds at prices much cheaper than their original prices.

    Blinds are still manufactured on quality mechanisms and with all the options of our normal ongoing Australian Custom Made Roller Blind ranges.

    Stocks of these fabrics can vary from just a few meters to complete rolls. They can be in stock one minute and one order may arrive that will use all remaining stock. It is very important to check stock of any fabric you may be interested in. We are quite happy to hold stock when possible for you to have time to check your measurements and place your order.

    Please also note that these fabrics are different widths and may not be wide enough to make 1 or more of the blinds you require. Fabric widths are listed in the Product Description section if you scroll down on the product pages.


    Ready Made Blinds

    Ready Made Blinds

    Cheap Quick Ready Made Blinds on the Net

    The Blinds On The Net range of Roman Blinds, Roller Blinds, Aluminium Venetian Blinds, Sunscreen Roller blinds and now the latest Dual Roller Blinds are ideal for those who want their blinds quick! Price sensitive, excellent colour range and fast delivery.

    An affordable range of Panel Blinds is available. Much cheaper than custom made!

    We can offer a Cut Down Service on most Ready Made Blinds, contact us for more information.

    Custom Import Honeycomb Blinds

    Amazingly low prices on Honeycomb Blinds.

    If you thought Honeycomb Blinds were out of your budget please have a look at the prices of the products below! If your deadline can stretch up to 6 weeks the savings are substantial.

    Custom Import Honeycomb Blinds are available as Single Cell Light Filtering, Single Cell Blockout and Double Cell Light filtering.

    Available as cord operated or 100% child safe cordless operation with clear handle. A top down version is possible. Ask us.  Co-ordinating Headrails, Cords, Acorns and Bottom rails. Amazing insulation and style. High quality, cheap prices. 

    Just with some forward planning as this is one of our Custom Imported Products. Please allow up to 6 weeks for Delivery at normal times of the year.

    Custom Import Wood Effect Venetians

    Custom Import 50mm and 63mm Wood Effect Venetians

    Blinds on the net are happy to offer you yet another choice in Custom Made PVC Wood look Venetians. These Venetians give the appearance of Timber blades at a fraction of the cost. PVC blades prevent all the negative issues like cleaning and warping etc that can be an issue with real timber. They are especially good for wet areas.

    Also available in a realistic looking Oak and Teak printed blade that is available in both 50 and 63mm sizes for a small surcharge.

    Features include; High profile head box. Trapezoid bottom rail. 85mm mitred valance. 3mm thick slats. Colour coordinated acorns/tassels. Easy to install swivel brackets

    Both pull up and tilting functions are cord operated.

    Please note these are the imported product and can take up to 6 weeks for delivery at normal times of the year.

    Ready Made Curtains

    Ready Made Curtains

    Great range of Contemporary and Classic curtains in a variety of textures and colours to suit every room in the house. Our Ready made Pinch Pleat and Pencil pleat Curtains consist of a pair of curtains that will cover the sizes that are shown. Pencil Pleat is an adjustable heading style. Pinch Pleat is not so make sure to allow for crossovers, returns and creepage where required.

    Our Eyelet Curtains will come as a either a single Curtain at the flat curtains width before it is gathered. When available in 'Pairs' sizes shown are the width of rod they will cover. Confusing we know! Please feel free to contact us if this is not clear.

    For a much larger range of Curtains including Custom Made or to order Rods, Tracks and Hooks please visit our site.

    Roman Blinds

    Roman Blinds

    Sophisticated, custom made roman blinds

    You can buy custom made roman blinds online as cord operated with cordlock OR with a chain drive mechanism at no extra charge. The SS38 Roman Blind Chain drive system is one of the best available. It has a smooth and quiet operation, speedy lift and descent and easy installation. It's available to you at no extra charge when you buy roman blinds online. Our Roman Blinds can be made with or without Side Hems. The choice is yours.

    For Recess Mount please consider a Valance option so the cord can be at the front of the blind for easy access. Without the valance option the cord is behind the blind. The chain will be at the side of the blind which is a bit easier to operate. The Valance is not possible with Chain operation. 

    Other Fabrics Available! We can also make Roman Blinds in most of the fabrics available in our Australian Custom Made Roller Blind section. Please contact us for information and pricing.

    Our Range of Roman Blinds now have a range of Motorised options. Please contact us if you need help deciding on the best motor option. Only Wired motors are available for Roman Blinds.

    Accessories inc Child Safety & The Force

    Blinds on the Net Accesories 

    Child Safety Devices for Blinds

    At Blinds on the Net we take child safety very seriously and we want to ensure that all blinds in Australia have a proper child safety device installed. We provide these devices with all our new blinds but we are selling them here for those of you have want to make their existing blinds safe. 

    The Force attaches to the bottom rail of your roller blinds and stops it banging against the window frame

    Keep your roller blinds down and still have fresh air circulating while still enjoying the function of the blind, privacy, room darkening or protection from the sun.​ Available as a single unit to suit 1 blind or in value packs of 3 or 6.

    The FORCE IS a repelling balanced magnetic field strong enough to stop blind rails hitting walls or windows, it is a breakthrough for the blind industry and sleepless customers. 

      Vertical Blinds

      Vertical Blinds On Absolute Tracking System 

      Wand OR Cord operated options; same price. Slimline Curved profile track in 6 colour options with coordinated brackets. No fabric insert is available on the Absolute track but you can select the track colour of your choice. 

      Wand operation comes with white wands. Cord operation comes with colour matched cords. Peg Hook carrier with blade release button for easy window cleaning. If Wand operated the Stack selection pre-determines Wand Control Side. Click here to see an installation manual 

      Sewn in weights is an option for a 5% surcharge. A Motorised option is also available, ask us!

      Unlike other Blind Companies Blinds on the Net will continue to provide Wide width Vertical blinds. Please contact us to discuss very wide tracks to Remote areas due to Freight damage and High delivery costs. A surcharge may be necessary.

      Panel Blinds

      Quality panel glide blinds perfect for sliding doors and windows 

      What makes panel blinds from Blinds On The Net so unique is that the wide panels reflect and filter daylight so effectively yet slide sideways making them perfect for sliding doors and windows. When open, the panel glide blinds stack neatly behind one another, allowing maximum light into the room. When drawn, these sliding blinds create a complete fabric screen, providing light control and increased privacy. Our panel track blinds will transform the look of any room with its cultured, sophisticated appearance and style.

      Coordinate throughout your home with the same fabric for your panel blinds, roller blinds and roman blinds. Choose from Translucent, natural-looking fabrics, Screens or 100% blockout fabrics to get the best light and heat control for your home.

      We are able to manufacture Panel Blinds in lots of other fabrics not featured on this page. Fabrics in our Australian Custom Made Roller Blind section are also possible. Please contact us for information on prices and placing an order.

      Honeycell Cellular Blinds

      Honeycell Cellular Honeycomb Insulating Blinds

      Delivering quality pleated, honeycomb and cellular blinds Australia wide. Best Value. Please compare our prices with other Cellular Blinds.

      Honeycell are our new Cellular honeycomb blinds. They have always been popular due to their aesthetically pleasing design and simplicity. They have superb insulation properties, keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer. Due to the minimal gaps on the sides and the air pockets between the 2 fabrics that protect against heat loss and heat gain. Continuous chain operation. More information and instalation manual available via link on each product page or click here.

      The 3 fabric ranges are similar. If you are having trouble with selection please ask us for a starter pack that will sample the 3 different fabrics in either Blockout or Translucent. This will help you choose which type of fabric you like before you order samples for colour selection.

      Custom Import Twin 2in1 Blinds

      Twin 2in1 Blinds at the cheapest prices available!

      This clever blind allows you amazing light control. In its own matching Head box there is a roller blind that has 2 layers of fabric that feature alternating bands of Privacy and Sheer horizontally striped fabric.  The front layer moves in the opposite direction to the back layer allowing the stripes to line up in combinations of Sheer and Privacy to allow you to see out and also a combination of Privacy and Privacy to create, yes you guessed it. Privacy!

      Blinds on the Net are offering a beautiful range of colours divided up into a Translucent range and a Dim Out range. The Translucent range of Fabrics will allow filtered light even when in the Privacy position. The Dim Out range of Fabrics will darken a room when in the Privacy position and therefore more suitable for Bedrooms. The Headbox and chain colours are co-ordinated to the Baserail colour you select.

      Please note that this is one of our Custom Imported Products. Please allow up to 6 weeks for Delivery at normal times of the year.

      XL PLeated Blinds Clearance 75% Off

      Now clearing at 75% off the original price!

      XL50 Pleat is from Europe and comes in a stunning range of 22 colours and textures to complement any home. A large 50mm Pleat makes this unlike anything you have seen before! Blinds on the Net has bought all remaining stock of this state of the art blind and is now selling them for a ridiculous 75% Off the original retail prices

      Blinds On The Net are expert suppliers of both ready-made and custom pleated cellular and honeycomb blinds, with an extensive range to choose from online. We offer the best pleated blinds due to our high quality and discounted prices. We also stock a large range of aluminium venetian blinds as well as panel blinds and vertical blinds.

      Aluminium Venetian Blinds

      Aluminium Venetian Blinds

      Update your windows with classic venetian blinds from Blinds On The Net

      Slimline 25mm Venetians, massive new colour range

      Delivering cheap window blinds Australia-wide, our extensive range of aluminium blinds are functional, elegant and practical. Available in both 25 and 50mm blade widths

      • The Slimline range of venetian blinds are available in a wide range of trendy colours, from white venetian blinds to just about any other shade. They come with cord-operated lifts and wand control for tilting the slats.
      • The 50mm aliminium venetian lets in more light because of the larger gaps and is available with a wide cloth ladder tape which gives a stylish retro feel. Both lift and tilt functions are cord operated.
      • Even at these low prices we offer Free delivery to most of the country. On wider width blinds this makes them a great deal!           


      Timber Venetians

      Timber Venetian Blinds

      Choose from real Basswood, Cedar and Abachi timbers

      Pure Wood Range now available.

      Up to 2600mm wide with cloth ladder tape options in a large range of finishes

      Blinds On The Net's range of timber venetian blinds are timeless in design. Functional yet elegant, we offer 46mm, 50mm and 60mm blade widths. Timber Venetian blinds add an understated touch of beauty to any home. We have a great range in both traditional Cedar wooden blinds and now the stunning new Pure Wood range. All are made from premium grade timbers and are built to last. Choose our 60mm Premium Cedar timber blinds if you want a Custom Painted finish at No extra charge!

      Visionwood Venetians

      Visionwood Venetians

      New Colour Range Dec 16. Best Value Prices

      Previously known as Greenwood. Best Quality Custom Made PVC, Faux Wood Venetians

      A new twist on the classic Wood Venetian. If you need a plain colour venetian in any room in your home or office why pay for the expense of covering timber with paint. This is especially perfect  for kitchens, laundries and bathrooms where moisture may be of a concern. Also known as Greenwood or even Faux Wood, our PVC Visionwood is an economical alternative to timber Venetians.

      Visionwood Venetians come in 50mm and 63mm PVC blade widths and are easy to clean, super durable and look fantastic. Order free samples from Blinds on the Net to see how perfect these new colours will can look in your home.

      Custom Made Exterior

      Custom Made Exterior Roller Blinds & Awnings

      Exterior Blinds are more popular than ever at Blinds on the Net and our range is increasing. Stop the heat before it even gets into your home!  We supply Alpha External Roller blinds in a range of exterior fabrics. These are available with or without Headboxes and Stainless Steel side wire guides. Our External Roller with wire guides is almost identical but uses a different brand of components and comes with some cost advantages. A full product manual is available for both of these products. Both are true heavy duty exterior products.

      For a less expensive option try our classic Exterior Awnings in a range of Canvas, Acrylic and Screen fabrics. Our Exterior 'automatic' Awnings are spring loaded. Simple to install and easy to use they can roll up completely or stop in any position with their self locking arms. This product can be modified if you want to operate them with crank handle or motorisation. Please contact us to discuss these options!  

      Zebra Blinds

      Zebra Blind

      Cleverly designed Zebra blind provides high levels of light and privacy control in a single blind.

      The cleverly designed Zebra Blind utilses a horizontal striped fabric with alternating Translucent or Blockout and Sheer stripes. Two layers of this fabric move independantly to create overlaping combinations or Translucent and Sheer or Blockout and Sheer. A simple but effective idea that allows high levels of light and privacy control with the one product. The Blockout stripe is actually Blockout but please understand that some light will creep in between the stripes hence you should consider more as a Dim Out. 

      Blinds on the Net understand that it's hard to tell the difference in the fabrics just by looking at the pictures. Make sure you order a free sample of any fabric you are interested in to truly confirm the colour and texture.The Translucent range of fabrics will allow filtered light even when in the Privacy position. The Blockout range of fabrics will darken a room when in the privacy position and therefore more suitable for Bedrooms.

      Complete with Headbox. Select your choice of Headbox colour and the Baserail and Cord colours will co-ordinate.

      For full Product Information (click here)   To see Installation Instructions (click here)

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