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Australian Made PVC 89mm Shutters - Australian Made PVC Shutters

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Price & Size





Quick Price:

$ (inc GST)

Mid Rail Height: (?)


Mid Rail Height

1 midrail required for heights more than 1500mm.
2 midrails required for heights more than 2100mm.
Please specify height to middle of midrail.

Second Mid Rail Height:


Available Colours (please select)

Note: If mount type 'hinged' selected hinge colour will be the same as colour selected.

Pure White
Pure White
Alpine White
Alpine White

Additional Information


Mount: (?)

Mounting Method:

Number of Panels:


  • L Frame


  • Z-Frame

  • U-Frame

Panel Layout:

  • L Frame

    Panel Left

  • R Frame

    Panel Right

  • L R Frame

    Panels Left & Right

  • LTLR Frame

    Panels LTLR

  • LRTR Frame

    Panels LRTR

  • LRTLR Frame

    Panels LRTLR

  • LTLRTR Frame

    Panels LTLRTR

Extra Options

Room name:


Full Pricing
Total Price Excluding Delivery: Add to Order


Custom Made Shutters

NSW, ACT, VIC, QLD and SA $40 + $15 per panel
NT, WA and TAS $60 + $20 per panel

Australian Custom Made Blinds

Australia wide $30 per order

Ready-Made Blinds, Curtains and Custom Import Blinds

Australia wide $30 per order

Remote Locations

We may ask you to contribute to the additional cost of the freight where freight costs are excessive. Blinds on the Net™ will only ever pass on our cost price for freight.

Product Description

Our Australian Made PVC Shutters can be manufactured in as little as 10 working days (under normal circumstances). Allow some time for delivery. Serious quality at a super fast speed. Dont wait 6-8 weeks to get your shutters.

Help protect Australian jobs and buy your Shutters from Blinds on the Net, we manufacture our Shutters right here in Australia. This means if there is anything wrong with your shutters, they dont have to travel all the way back to China or be remade and wait a further 6-8 weeks to get the problem solved.  

Our quality PVC shutters look just like timber shutters but have the added benefit of having a rigid aluminium core in the louvre blades, side styles and top and bottom rails which means we can make panels up to 900mm wide! 

PVC Shutters have exactly the same Thermal insulation heat transfer properties as Basswood Shutters. This means both products will insulate your home just the same. This has been independantly tested through AWTA Melbourne.  

Shutter Speci­cations

Louvre Widths 89mm only. Louvre Shape Elliptical Only. Maximum Panel Height 2600mm

Midrail required 1 midrail required for heights greater than 1500mm

2 midrails required for heights greater than 2100mm

Hinged Panel Maximum Width 900mm


Please note

Minimum top & bottom rails for panels up to 700mm wide is 76mm

Minimum top & bottom rails for panels greater than 900mm is 90mm

U Channel Maximum Panel Width 900mm

Tilt Rod Optons Hidden Only

Louvre Thickness 11mm

Stille Profile Beaded. Stile Width 50mm.  Stile Thickness 27mm. Rail Thickness 19mm


Framing Options

Small L Frame (Beaded) Medium L Frame (beaded) Z Frame

T-Post 90deg Corner Post 45deg Corner Post

Light Block U Channel



Recess Mount; Factory will deduct 3mm width and 4mm height.

Face Mount; No deductons will be taken.


Tilt Rod Type Only hidden tilt rod option available. Will be fitted to the rear of the panel on the hinge side unless specified otherwise.

Shutter panels can have split tilt mechanisms split into 2 or 3 sections without need for a midrail. Measurements from the bottom of the panels are required.

Tilt rods will automatically be split at approximately 1000mm. Louvres Only 89mm elliptical shape available. These are available in the solid PVC with an Aluminium Core.

To assist with measuring the following information shows the minimum reveal clearance required by louver. 89mm – 66mm clearance

Hinging Details The factory default matches are as follows: White, Alpine White & Ivory Off White: Vanilla Silver & Stainless Steel hinges are available on request


From $65.45
Australian Made PVC 89mm Shutters

A fixed mount uses a
U channel, shown below.

5 Day express dispatch. Conditions apply.