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Linking Roller Blinds 'Easy Link System'


   It's possible to link 2 or more Roller Blinds together and operate them from the one chain control or the one motor. 

The number of Blinds that can be linked will depend on their overall size, generally we recommend no more than three Blinds with an overall width of 4 to 4.5 metres and each blind must be side by side. You should add the 'spring assist' option to the Chain side when linking larger chain operated blinds as this will help pull up the extra weight, especially when the blinds have a drop of over 2 metres. If you are unsure if your blind sizes are suitable for linking please contact us or call us on 1300 852 912

Our Easy Link System consists of a bearing bracket and 2 Easy-Link Male and Female Drive ends that connect the blinds together. The drive ends have adjustable cogs so that the blinds connect together and line up perfectly. It is important to remember that when blinds are linked they can't be operated individually but only with the blind that they are linked to.  









Our Easy Link System can be very handy on sliding doors or wide windows where you have 3 blinds side by side and are unable to secure the chain of the middle blind to comply with Australian Child Safety Laws. With our Easy Link System you can link the middle blind to either the Blind on the Left or Right hand side and operate it via the blind it's linked to. Even if you can secure the chain of the middle Blind you may prefer the look of having chains only on the sides and not hanging in the middle when the blinds are up.

Our Easy Link System can also save you money if you are motorising your blinds. If you are happy to have your blinds go up and down at the same time then link them together and just use the one motor. Linking your blinds can also reduce the gap between the fabric, this happens as there is only 1 intermediate bracket rather than 2 individual brackets back to back. This can reduce the gap to 20-25mm between the fabric which can be important with block-out fabrics. The Easy Link System can also be modified to minimise the gap between two blinds while still having independant operation. Ask us!

For as little as $50 our Easy Link System can resolve lots of problems and save you money!

To order a linked blind simply select the 'Link'? option box in Additional Information and select Link To Next if you want to link this blind to the next one on your order OR Link To Previous to link to the previous blind on your order. 









Important note; when ordering multiple Blinds enter them in order from Left to Right.

Need Help? Call us on
1300 852 912