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“Focus” - Roller and Verticals

Blinds on the Net's Focus range is a 100% polyester fabrics that have a pigmented acrylic coating. Polyester is the most stable type base cloth that can be used for window blinds, meaning that the blind will always hang straight. The acrylic multipass coating is hard wearing and stands up best to the harsh Australian climate, in fact the fabrics have a rating of greater than 7 on the Blue Wool Scale, which means they are fully fade resistant.

The Fabrics are available in 3200mm, 127mm, 89mm.

The range is available in both roller and a variety of vertical slat sizes, enabling this Blinds on the Net fabric to complement any window type or situation.

Focus is a blockout multi-pass coated with pigmented acrylic. The first pass is black or charcoal, and this provides the blockout factor. The fabcrics are then coated with coloured acrylic twice on each side to provide the final colour, ( 5-pass ). You will notice with some inferior blockout fabrics, the first or black coat shows through the colour coating, and while this reduces costs, the quality and appearance of the fabric is compromised ( 3 - pass ).

Many companies claim that their fabrics are block out, only for customers to find that many of the colours still glow with light passing through.

Blinds on the Net fabrics are all manufactured to comply with Australian Standards for block out fabrics.

Safety in the home and the workplace is an important issue, with Blinds on the Net fabrics you will have peace of mind in the fact that our products are constructed to comply with Australian Standards for fire retardancy.

The most commonly asked question in regard to Textiles is "How do I clean this?". Blinds on the Net Fabrics are designed to be cleaned with warm soapy water and are specially treated so that they will be mould and mildew resistant.

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