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What Fabric Do I Want?

There are 3 main options when it comes to blind fabrics:

  1. Block Out
  2. Translucent
  3. Screen

First let’s talk about Block-out fabrics. At Blinds on the Net (www.blindsonthenet.com.au) you can select from Focus, Metroshade or Serengetti. Most people use Block Out blinds in bedrooms to keep the light out when they want to sleep. Block Out blinds are also very important to use in other areas of the house where you need maximum privacy or are in need of insulating your room; either to keep the warmth in or to keep it out.  It also works well to keep the cold in or out. This really depends on what climate you live in.

Translucent blinds are excellent in rooms where you still want privacy but this fabric will still allow light to flow through the fabric. These fabrics include Softlight, Serengetti and Suede. Many people use this style of fabric in lounge rooms/dining rooms where people want privacy and light at the same time. This is also a great option in bedrooms for people who don’t mind a little light in their bedrooms.

Screen blinds are the final option when it comes to blind fabrics and are ideal for those who have a great view over a garden, ocean or even the city skyline. They give you privacy from preying eyes by day, whilst still allowing you to see out. This effect is reversed by night so this option is really only good for views that don’t have people looking in. Screen blinds are also great at screening the suns harsh UV rays and still don’t make you feel like you are boxed in. 

Both Block Out and Screen blinds are very popular these days as they cover most people’s requirements. Translucent blinds are also fast becoming a viable option as peoples busy lives change the way their homes operate.

For the best of both worlds, many people are now using 2 fabrics in the same blind in our Day and Night blinds. This allows people to use a screen by day to protect and maintain the view, and the block-out by night to keep the sun out in the morning and also keep preying eyes out by night.

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