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The Right Blind

We been manufacturing and selling blinds for many years now and in that time we have learnt a few things. Very often I have clients say to me “we want blinds” without any idea what they want. I have developed this check list and you may find it useful. I ask the following questions:

1) What do hope to achieve with a blind?
2) Do you need to see through it?
3) How much sun do you get?
4) Do you need privacy?
5) Is there a particular style that you favour?

There are a few other points to remember and these are to do with budget and design. The first thing you will see of a room is from the entry to your area, so make this initial impact spectacular. Things like Roman blinds or Timber Venetians should be used where they get the maximum visual impact. So look at your space from the entry and decide what you want to use. You should not skimp on your budget here.  Also, you can also get great visual impact from texture. Fabrics like Serengetti or even Wood Weev blinds give great ambiance and they are very practical. Also look at Panels Blinds for those wider opening like sliding doors. These are really special. As well as Panel Blinds, Screen Romans are great for adding a bit of texture and warmth whilst still having the versatility of allowing you to see out during the day and also give you day time privacy. This gives you the best of both worlds. Sun screening and style.

What we are suggesting is to spend your budget in the areas you will get the most visual impact. Sounds simple doesn’t it but so often I’ve seen clients blow their budget by trying to use expensive blinds in non important area. Think about using a simple roman blind or roller blind instead. Speaking of roman blinds, these are very economical these days and some of the textures available are fantastic. Look at our new Suede or Serengetti fabrics if you want a little texture or simply use Metroshade if you are after something a little plainer. Many people use these totally throughout their space.

Also I suggest you take good advice, why not give us a call to discuss your needs, look at who is giving you the advice. Just because someone sells blinds does not make him or her an expert. Ask your sales person about their credentials. Are they really qualified to advise you? The best person to advise you on what you want is you! The way your blinds are measured will ultimately govern how good the finished result will be so we give you full details on the website and are always available for a chat if you need any extra help.

Day and Night blinds have also become very popular. This means having a block out blind behind a sheer blind on the one bracket so that you can have the best of both possibilities. The block out comes down when you need privacy or a dark room to sleep in on a Sunday morning and the Screen or Translucent blind can light control and protection during the day.

Not forgetting the most important and versatile blind, the vertical blind. It has been around for many years but is still extremely popular as it will cover most windows with ease, is super cost effective and can cover large window spans. It is also perfect for controlling privacy and light flow into a room as you can tilt the slats to the desired angle.

We also offer a great range of Ready-made blinds and curtains for those who need something to cover their window and offer a great price point. Don’t discount the ready-made curtain option as these are coming back into fashion very quickly and offer the textured look that is so popular right now.

So to summarise

1) Analyse your needs for style and budget
2) Take good advice
3) Look at roman blinds and especially texture
4) Curtains are coming back into fashion.
5) Stand at the front of your space and select blinds for maximum impact.

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