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Categories > Custom Import Twin 2in1 Blinds

Twin 2in1 Blinds at the cheapest prices available!

This clever blind allows you amazing light control. In its own matching Head box there is a roller blind that has 2 layers of fabric that feature alternating bands of Privacy and Sheer horizontally striped fabric.  The front layer moves in the opposite direction to the back layer allowing the stripes to line up in combinations of Sheer and Privacy to allow you to see out and also a combination of Privacy and Privacy to create, yes you guessed it. Privacy!

Blinds on the Net are offering a beautiful range of colours divided up into a Translucent range and a Dim Out range. The Translucent range of Fabrics will allow filtered light even when in the Privacy position. The Dim Out range of Fabrics will darken a room when in the Privacy position and therefore more suitable for Bedrooms. The Headbox and chain colours are co-ordinated to the Baserail colour you select.

Please note that this is one of our Custom Imported Products. Please allow up to 6 weeks for Delivery at normal times of the year.

Exclusive to the Blinds on the Net Twin 2in1 Blind is a seperate discreet adjusting cord that allows fine tuning of the horizontal stripes when the blind is in the down position just above the window sill or floor. This allows you to adjust the horizontal Bands to be perfectly overlapped for maximum Privacy when required.

A single chain controls the up and down motion as well as adjusting the blind from See through to Privacy positions. When rolled completely up the blind disappears into its own handsome co-ordinated Headbox allowing an uninterrupted view.

What Our Customers Are Saying:
Thanks. Blind was received and all OK. My son is very impressed at the difference it has made to his room (as are we).
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